Wither Thou Goest
Wither Thou Goest is a book about the life of Nikoline Isaksen.  It was originally written by Nikoline and compiled and published by Henry Isaksen through Ricks College Publishing in 1977.  It has been digitized with minor corrections made that include spelling and imagerestoration by Larry Isaksen and Nathan Isaksen by permission of Zelda Isaksen in 2018.  
This book is available in print, both hard cover and paperback, and it can also be downloaded through the following link.  This link will open to Dropbox in a new window where you can download the book. 
Please enjoy this history of how the Isaksen family made it to the United States from Denmark.  

download wither thou goest
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This link will allow you to download and watch some old home movies featuring Henry Leo Isaksen and family.  

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